Ullu Original Choodiwala Part 1 Story Review with Cast Real Name

Bangle Wala Part 1 web series is Ullu’s web series. Is Alia Naaz Ullu Debut With Web Series? Is the web series made for the people above the age of 18? Is the story of the web series about a teenage woman and a bangle person. The bangle deli comes to a village to make bangles, where three married women become friends with the bangle man. Has the love of the bangle and lady been seen in the web series. You can see further story on Ullu App.

Chudi Wala Part 1 Cast :- (Pahlavi Devnath as Bhuri, Akshay Milind as Lala, Aaliya Naaz as San Geeta, Anita Bhattacharya as Kajri)

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