Santooshti Prime shots Web Series Trailer Review with Cast Real Name

The trailer of Santoshi Prime Shots web series has been released on Prime Shots YouTube channel. Ayesha Kapoor is seen in the lead role of the web series in Nazar Aane Vaali Hai. Me New Cast Liya Hai Prime shot me opposite Ayesha Kapoor. Will the web series be released on the official app of Prime Shots on 17th July.

Santoshi Prime Shots Web Series Trailer Storyline:- Santoshi Prime Shots web series trailer features Ayesha Kapoor as a singing and very beautiful lady. And the second star is a Lanka who talks to Ayesha. The same story will be seen pure in the web series whether these two are patents by purifying their hobbies or not.

Santoshi Web Series Release Platform :- Primeshots App

Santoshi Prime Shots Web Series Release Date:- 17 July 2022

Santoshi Web Series Cast Real Name :- Ayesha Kapoor

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