Rural tourism will get a boost in Bihar, the government has done all the preparations, the selection of the village of the state will start from August.

To promote tourism in Bihar, many schemes are being operated by the tourism department. Through which facilities are provided to the tourists. To further the rural tourism of the tourism department, the rural areas will be selected, where the food, handicrafts and art-culture of the village will be promoted. For this, guidelines have been sent to the districts by the department. The tourism department will start work on this plan from August. The village will be selected after the reports from the districts.

This scheme has been started for the tourists to reach the village. Priority will be given to those districts, where food is recognized throughout the country. Some other things are also the identity of the village, which tourists are curious to see. Work will be done to make the road accessible for tourists till the village which is selected. Complete arrangements for commuting will be there till there. Along with this, complete arrangements will be made for the tourists to stay in the rural environment during the night and see the village environment for a day or two.

The department has made full preparations on the plan to open dhabas and restaurants on the roads passing through rural areas. Rural tourism will be linked with the Dhabas and restaurants opening on these roads. It will be the work of connecting the youth at the level of the department. Minister of Tourism Department Narayan Prasad said that many works have been started from the departmental level to promote rural tourism. Tourists will connect with the food of the village, which will provide employment to the youth.

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