Patna Junction: Underground sub-way will be built to control the crowd of passengers in Patna Junction, the view of the station will change

Patna Junction : Capital of Bihar Patna Everyone is troubled by the problem of traffic jams. However, this problem is now common. Every day, long lines of vehicles are found on the roads of the city, which do not move for hours. Although the bridges and overbridges built in the capital have brought some relief from the traffic jam inside the city, the problem still persists inside the city. On the other hand, there is an increase in the number of passengers at Patna Junction. There are many reasons for the traffic jams here, one of which is the huge number of people for darshan in the Hanuman temple and the second reason is that vehicles are easily available here for other parts of the city. Apart from this, thousands of passengers reach Patna Junction every day, due to which there is heavy jam.

To solve this problem and in view of the rush of passengers, a design has been prepared for the construction of the proposed sub-way at Patna Junction. According to the information received, the entry and exit gates of this sub-way have been designed near the north-east end of Patna Junction and GPO Golambar. For this, entry and exit has to be made near Patna Junction, Multilevel Parking and Bakri Bazar.

Patna Junction: Its responsibility was given to Patna Smart City Limited.

Let us inform that the responsibility of this has been given to Patna Smart City Limited, which will help in reducing the traffic pressure near Junction Golambar. It has also been learned that the bridge development corporation will take full responsibility for the construction of this sub-way. It is also being said that it is going to take two years for the construction of this bridge. Meanwhile, the construction work of the sub-way has also been started from the goat market area. Presently work is going on in its upper part.

Patna Junction

According to the officials of Smart City Limited, the total length of the subway will be 440 meters. In such a situation, it is being said that after the end of the monsoon, excavation will be done in these areas for the construction of underground sub-ways. 330 meters from Patna Junction to Multilevel Parking will be underground, while work is going on 110 meters from Multilevel Parking to Bakri Bazar. In this subway, passengers will get special facilities, such as you sub-way Can go from any part of the city. Apart from this, the subway will have two lanes. Travelator facility will be provided in one lane and the other lane will be made permanent.

Patna Junction: A total of Rs 68 crore will be spent

It has been told that a total of Rs 68 crore will be spent in the construction of this lane. In this sub-access, you are going to get the facility of AC, power backup, drainage, fire extinguisher, ventilation and ramp. Also, after the construction of the sub-way, the look of the entire Patna Junction will change. That is, if you are going to Patna Junction after a long time, then you will get to see something new.

This subway is being developed as a multi modal transit hub. In this regard, the multi-level parking sub-way near Buddha Smriti Park will remain open, which will be connected to the sub-way of Patna Junction. In this way the crowd of Patna Junction can be controlled. Let us tell you that this entire project is to be completed under the Smart City project, for which a five-storey multi-modal transport hub is to be built in Bakri Bazar with Rs 361 crore.

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