Nitin Gadkari made a big announcement, electric car will be available at less than half the price

News Desk India; Nitin Gadkari made a big announcement by the central government It is constantly trying to promote electric vehicles. Due to this effort, Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari has said that within a year the price of all electric vehicles will be equal to the price of petrol vehicles. Meaning after some time you will be able to buy electric vehicle at the cost of petrol vehicle. Not only this, Gadkari said that the government is promoting ethanol from crop residues instead of petrol and diesel. They are trying to make the price of an electric vehicle in the country at par with the price of a petrol vehicle within a year. We will save money spent on fossil fuels. Along with this, Gadkari said that waterways are a cheaper mode of transport for us than roads and this is going to come to the fore in a big way.

It is worth noting that in a conference, Gadkari had said that the government is going to promote the use of alternative fuels and electric vehicles in a big way. At the event, he said that he will soon launch an electric tractor and an electric truck. Along with this, he also told that after this the popularity of electric vehicles will increase even more. Although, Gadkari said that Bajaj, TVS and Hero have launched electric bikes And electric rickshaws are also available. He said that by 2025, the total turnover of the automobile industry will reach about Rs 15 lakh crore from the current Rs 6.5 lakh crore.

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