If you are building a house in any city of Bihar, then know these rules, this system is going to be implemented soon.

If you are getting your house built in any city of Bihar then you should read this news. Actually, to build houses in urban areas, people have to follow the rules of the government. For this, it is necessary to make a rule-friendly map from the house and take approval before starting the construction work. The city and housing department of Nitish government is making a new portal to pass the map of houses. Let us inform that through this portal, the map of the houses of the municipal bodies across the state will be passed. Due to which the whole system will be centralized.

The Patna Municipal Corporation has started the work of making the map after the order of the City and Housing Department. So far, applications have come for 15 new maps. By August 31, the map would be ready under the earlier arrangement. The new portal will be ready by that time. Due to the closure of the portal in the months of May and April, the process of taking the application of maps was completely stopped. According to the rules made in February, the corporation had prepared the portal before April 10. But the guidance of the department was not received due to which it could not be started. The applications were executed before 31st March.

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The process of making the map has started. Under this, the application has to be made on the portal through the architect. The site of the application is checked, then the map is approved. Let us inform that according to the new rule, the registration of the architect was to be done in the Urban Development and Housing Department. Because of this the work of making the map was stalled. Now you have to apply for the map of the house through the portal. Offline process has been closed.

Municipal Commissioner, Patna’s Animesh Parashar says that the application for the map will be taken on the website of Patna Municipal Corporation till August 31. Map making is going on very fast. The pending applications are being processed. They are monitoring.

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