How to earn money from BHIM App?

How to earn money from BHIM App?

Hello, all of you must have known about BHIM App. If you do not know about this, then read our article given below:

If you know about this app or are already using it, then today I am going to tell you something so that you can earn money from this app.


Today in this post I am going to tell you about the referral program of the BHIM App. Although there have already been many downloads in the Google Playstore of the BHIMApp, still, a step has been taken to start its referral program to take this app to more and more people.

BHIM App Referral Program: Refer & Earn Money

Under this scheme, you will be given a cashback of ₹ 10 for every new person introduced to the BHIM app. Giving information, the Prime Minister also said that if you refer 20 people in a day, you will earn ₹ 200.

Giving information about this referral program, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said while quoting that, “India will receive cashback and referral bonus just by teaching other people to use BHIM.

How to get Referral Bonus?

“Referral Bonus Scheme” which is for individuals, is valid only when you bring more people to the platform of the BHIM App and ask them to do transactions from BHIM App. Bonus will be given to both the users of the BHIM App, both the existing and new users. The referral will be considered successful only if the new user has done at least 3 financial transactions using BHIM App.

After three successful unique transactions, each of which should have a minimum limit of ₹ 50, both the existing and the new user will be informed about the bonus amount through the notification of the BHIM App. Existing users will get ₹ 10 for referring to this app while new users will get ₹ 25 for downloading this app and transacting with it.

Under this scheme, users can earn a maximum of ₹ 300 in a month.

If you want to refer BHIM app to anyone, then follow the steps given below:

“Invite & Earn Rs. Click on the banner of “100 Cash”.
Get your referral code from there and share it with anyone.
Then you have to ask your friend or whoever you have referred the app to do a transaction with the BHIM app. During this transaction, the user will be asked the code. If whoever you have referred, fills your code then only you will get a referral bonus. (He has to add your mobile number as a referral code)
Watch the video below to see this referral program in a good way. This video is in the Hindi language only.

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