Construction of subway is going on at Patna Junction, know where the entry and exit gates will be built

The design of the entry and exit gates of the sub-way to be constructed between GPO Golambar and the Multi Modal Hub to be built near East North Chor of Patna Junction has been completed. There will be entry and exit near Bakori Bazar, Patna Junction and Multilevel Parking. Keeping in view the traffic pressure near Junction Golambar, this project has been made by Patna Smart Nigam Limited. The construction work has been entrusted to the Bridge Development Corporation.

Please note that this project will take two years to complete. Its work has also started from the goat market part. At present, the work of the two-lane phase of about 100 meters in the upper part has started. The sub-way total is 440 meters long. Excavation for the construction of underground subway will start only after the monsoon is over. Underground 330 meters will be built from Patna Junction to Multilevel Parking, its work has not started yet. Presently work is going on 110 meters surface from Multilevel Parking to Bakri Bazar.

A 440 meter long walkway-cum-subway is being prepared to go to Patna Junction under Smart City. There will be facility of traversator on the walk-way and accelerator in the sub-way, which will provide great convenience to the people.#BiharUrbanDevelopmentAndHousingDept #PatnaSmartCity @PatnaPscl @tarkishorepd

— Urban Development & Housing Dept, Govt Of Bihar (@UDHDBIHAR) June 21, 2022

People will have the facility of travelator with the proposed sub-way near Patna Junction. At present, people are getting the facility of Travelator at the airport only at selected airports of the country, through which passengers can stand and go from one place to another easily. The work of the second permanent lane is to be done at a cost of about Rs 68 crore. The subway will have facilities like AC, power backup, drainage, ventilation, fire fighting and ramps. Passengers coming and going towards Patna Junction will get similar facility. With the construction of the sub-way, there will be a change in the look of the junction and people will get convenience in commuting.

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