Choodiwala Part-2 Ullu Web Services Story Review, Cast, Crew, Wiki& More

Churiwala Part 2 is an Ullu Original Web Series directed by Ankur Kakatakar. Isamen Pallavi Debnath, Akshay Milind, Kishore Yelne, Vinod Singh, Alia Naaz and Ankita Bhattacharya.

Murari Sirf is not a regular churiwala who goes to the ganava-ganav to sell bangles, but he also gives physical pleasure to his eclipses. Sangeeta is enamored by the bright shimmer of Kajri and Bhuri bangles and the audience physically gives the churiwala.

Churiwala part 2 Story Review :-
How many are talking here review o churiwala part 2 web series, churiwala part 2 web series is very good, it is very well written to talk about the story, it is included, if you talk about backgrand myogic, then you will like backgrand myogic. Because the life of this web series is from the background myogic itself, the background myogic on this web is very good.

The backgrand myogic in the bus is very good and if we talk about the back quality then how good is the pitcher kevali which you have been able to hear if you listen. How is it, as it is, this web series looks very thrilling, if we put bangle part 2 web series in part 1 word, then I would say that overall we can watch till here.

Churiwala Part 2 Web Series Online Platform – Ullu App

churiwala part 2 web series release date – July 12

churiwala web series cast name:-

Pallavi Debnath (Brown),
Akshay Milind (Lala),
Kishore Yelne (Murari),
Vinod Singh (Triloki),
Alia Naaz (Music),
Ankita Bhattacharya (Cajri)

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