Bihar’s first subway and multimodal parking is being constructed in Patna, know the design ready

The first subway and multimodal parking will be constructed in Patna, the capital of Bihar. Its design has also been prepared and its construction work has started. Let me tell you that it will be special in itself and this subway and multimodal parking will be the first not only in the capital Patna but also in the whole of Bihar.

Actually, let me tell you that this magnificent subway will be constructed near Patna Junction of the capital Patna and the eastern left of GPO Golambar. Here you will also get the construction of multimodal parking. Now its design has also been made. Patna Junction will have multi level parking and near Bakri Bazar for entry and exit. In view of the traffic pressure near the same junction Golambara, the project given under Patna Smart City Limited has been prepared.

If someone takes a look at this project, then this project will be completed in about 2 years. The same work has just been started in the goat market parts. Talking about its length, its total length will be 440 meters. Excavation will also be started for the construction of underground subway after monsoon. Let me tell you that at present this type of subway is available only at selected airports in the country. After the construction of this subway, perhaps it will be the country’s first subway on the junction area.

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