Bihar Nagar Nikay Chunav 2022: When will the municipal elections be held in Bihar, know why it is getting delayed

Bihar Nagar Nikay Chunav 2022 : A state in Eastern India There may be a delay in the municipal elections. According to the information, now the municipal elections in the state can be conducted only after the monsoon is over. It is believed that elections can be held between October and November. However, the State Election Commission is engaged in election preparations.

It is to be known that the tenure of all the bodies of Bihar has ended in this month. According to the rules, the elections should not have been completed in this month, but the commission is still busy in the preparations for the elections. Let us tell you that due to the delay in the formation of new municipal bodies and the formation of voter lists and wards at the last moment, the civic elections are getting delayed. Apart from this, conducting elections in the rainy month in Bihar is a big challenge. Overall, it is believed that the municipal elections will be held in Bihar in the winter months.

Bihar Nagar Nikay Chunav 2022

Bihar Nagar Nikay Chunav 2022: Preparations for elections underway in 248 bodies

It is being told that preparations for elections are going on in 248 bodies. Wards are being formed. This time elections are to be held in a total of 248 bodies in the state. At the same time, it is also being said that if the term of 13 bodies is not completed this year, then in such a situation the election of those bodies will be held next year. For information, let us inform that the state government has constituted 176 new municipalities in the state this year. The term of the wards has ended this month.

In such a situation, the responsibility has been given to the Municipal Commissioners in the Municipal Corporation. At the same time, the responsibility has been given to the executive officer in the Nagar Panchayat or Parishad. One way to run the bodies is to form a committee consisting of the public representatives, after that the work done in the bodies can be run smoothly, but the state government has given the responsibility to the officers in the bodies.

If you think about the reasons for the delay in elections, then the Municipal Corporation Election The first reason for not being on time is the lack of formation of municipal bodies on time. Municipal bodies are being formed from the year 2020, but till now the process of formation has not been completed. According to reports, 13 bodies were finally constituted on June 17. Entire municipal bodies have not yet been formed. A total of 176 municipal bodies are to be formed in the state, out of which 153 municipal bodies have been formed.

The process of formation of the remaining 23 bodies is going on. After the formation of municipal bodies, the matter got stuck in the Municipal Amendment Rules, in which it is being said that the provision of reservation in the posts of Mayor and Deputy Mayor is to be implemented. After this there is a delay in releasing the voter list. Let us inform that out of 248 municipal areas in the state, voter lists have been issued in 144 areas and preparations are being made in the rest.

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